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Improving Patient Safety

Using Simulation to Build High Performance Teams

Many organizations have begun implementing initiatives to support better patient safety. Training multidisciplinary teams through the use of simulation is proven to reduce patient risk.

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In situ Simulation

3 New Products to Amplify Your Simulations

In this short article, we explore how using real medical equipment in simulations can better prepare your learners to manage a ventilated patient, monitor vital signs, and perform defibrillation.

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Small Patients, Big Needs

Meet the NEW SimBaby™

For critical care patients less than one year of age, there are many unique challenges. Young children have particularly unique anatomy and physiology, and they do not have the ability to express how they feel or share their health history.

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Helping Save Pediatric Lives

Meet the New Juniors

The new Little Junior QCPR and Resusci Junior QCPR manikins are designed to deliver quality pediatric CPR training through real-time and summative performance feedback.

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Helping You Succeed

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